Universal soother holder, fitting all Medela Baby soothers and most other soothers. Safe material and easy to use with “open with one hand” clip. Made without BPA and BPS.

What makes this product so different?

At Medela Baby, we know that both mother and baby give each other love, support and happiness every day. Our SOOTHER HOLDER comes in a variety of cute and trendy colours to match your style. The clip is easy to open and close with just one hand for convenience on-the-go with your little one.

So nothing comes between you two, but love.

SOOTHER HOLDER product features


With Medela Baby products and most other soothers


Open with one hand



Can Medela Baby soother holders be used only for Medela Baby soothers?

Medela Baby soother holders can be used for all Medela Baby soothers and a large majority of other soothers. Wrap the string around the ring or in the knob hole of the soother. Do not attach the string to the holes in the shield.

Is the use of soother holders dangerous?

No. All Medela Baby soother holders are tested according to the European EN 12586 standard and are designed to ensure that they do not pose a safety risk to children. When used properly, soother holders can be very useful. They prevent soothers from getting dirty and thus ensure greater hygiene. The holders are especially helpful for mothers and babies on-the-go and should only be used during the daytime when your little one is awake and supervised.

How can I clean my soother holder?

You can easily wash your soother holder with lukewarm soapy water and let it dry thoroughly.

We don’t recommend the following methods to clean your soother holder to avoid weakening parts: boiling, steam sterilising, cleaning in the washing machine or in the dishwasher.

Helpful Videos

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I’m gently calming you. Or are you calming me? Introducing our Medela Baby soother range.

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Made in Switzerland with love
Our soother range has been carefully crafted and produced in Switzerland by industry experts with over 85 years of experience. We strive to provide safe baby products in the best quality. Watch our video to learn more about our quality commitments.

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